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About us
Welcome to The ERC20 Grind LTD
ERC20 GRIND LTD is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers innovative solutions to the volatility and uncertainties of the current crypto market. We offer to our client, a combination of investments in masternodes, trades based on technical indicators on a cloud-based automated cryptocurrency trading bot and finally the option to subscribe to a signal contract where buy signals will be sent on via our discord channel.
The fact is, humans are too slow to follow the market fluctuations of the cryptocurrency ecosystem because they cannot possibly process a large amount of data efficiently without taking a break which is an important requirement for getting a hold of trends and capitalising on it.
Keeping in view the above limitations, GrindBot is being developed utilizing a combination of AI, Blockchain, Big Data analysis and other technologies that have hitherto not been explored for this purpose.
Amazing profitability
ERC20 Grind LTD provides special investment plans with a speculation of a profit up to 12 percent per day and on a continuous basis with the capacity to withdraw funds instantly at the accomplishment of the essential sum on the balance.
High-tech ERC20 Trading
We have world-class and extremely powerful trading network, a network bringing together farms and data centers scattered all through the UK
United Kingdom legit company
ERC20 Grind LTD has experienced the necessary registration processes and legally offers trust management services in the financial circle in the United Kingdom territory and far away from its borders.
ERC20 Grind
Why Choosing Us
Progressive Daily Income
The earnings you get per day rely exclusively on the size of your deposits. Your individual deposit has its conditions for having your profits calculated and does not total up with the remaining.
Instant payments
The moment your balance gets to $1 USD, you will be able to make use of the withdrawal request function. The requests are automatically processed and your money is sent to your specified details instantly.
Partnership program
We have a two-level partnership program, a great way for earn more or without investing. We offer 5 % affiliate reward for every deposit from the direct referral you get and even up to 2 % on your second-level referrals team.
Professional Team Management
The specialists of ERC20 Grind LTD have gone through specialized technical training and are fully experienced with crypto-currency users. We are always ready to welcome and supervise our new clients.
First Class Security
The website undergoes consistent, dependable protection and monitoring against virus intrusion, DDoS, theft attack of the user’s personal data with the use of Comodo SSL Encryption, Premiums DDoS security and Anti Hacking firewall.
24/7 Support
We offer a full-fledged consultation as well as the essential information when you contact our customer support either with the use of our contact form, online chat, email, or via our phone number.
We Offer
Investment Plans
BOT trading
daily for 150 days
deposit amount
deposit: Included
rebuy bonus: 5%
Period: 150 Days
Masternode Investment
daily for 150 days
deposit amount
deposit: Included
rebuy bonus: 10%
Period: 150 Days
Trading + MasterNode
daily for 150 days
deposit amount
deposit: Included
rebuy bonus: 15%
Period: 150 Days
ICO Investment
monthly for 3 months
deposit amount
deposit: Included
rebuy bonus: 10%
Period: 150 Days
ERC20 Grind
What are Masternodes
Master Nodes, alternatively known as bonded validator system, are a group of servers that support the Blockchain’s network. These nodes are specialised in performing and promoting some unique services that in general, are out of reach for under proof miners. Besides performing the essential function of keeping the entire Blockchain and its running blocks or transaction, Master Nodes perform many other services.
Functions exclusively performed by Master Nodes:
Boosting the privacy of transactions Increasing the speed of the transaction/ Instant transactions Participating in critical tasks such as voting, governance and more Assisting budgetary and treasury related systems in the Cryptosphere Additionally, MasterNodes are a standalone entity, but they work in a network wherein several other similar nodes are connected with one another making a decentralised system. These nodes, in short, are referred as ‘MN’.
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Earn More
Partnership Program
Imagining a successful investment organization is difficult without the extra benefits for partners as a reward for drawing the attention of investment capital directly into trust management. Presently, this promotion of services is the most common type, which permits not just for the advertising costs of the organization to be reduced, but also gives a chance for extra earnings to customers.
EXPLOIT THE BENEFITS OF COOPERATION WITH THE ORGANIZATION ! Neuro Bot Limited. provides a two-level partnership program that gives a 7% reward of the deposit that was made by your referrals, as well as 3% of the deposits that was made by your second level referrals. You also have the chance to earn sponsorship rewards without the need to invest!